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Podfic alert! 
23rd-Jan-2012 01:05 am
black parade: the five of us are dying
I meant to post this earlier and then it got away from me (had kind of a crazy weekend), so I'm doing it now before I can forget again.

[personal profile] argentumlupine has recorded a podfic of The Fall and Rise of the Black Parade. I am SO pleased by this--that story is still the biggest thing I've done in terms of writing, fic or otherwise, and it makes me so happy that people are still discovering and enjoying it, and now there's a new way for people to experience it. Thank you so much, [personal profile] argentumlupine!

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23rd-Jan-2012 08:12 pm (UTC)
THIS IS SO WONDERFUL <3 I don't know if you're aware of this or not (although I do remember sending you a LJ message about it) that I used bits of your work - with all due respect and references - in a college project I did for Literary Translation! So having this podficced is really amazing because I have SO MUCH LOVE for this story, it's so wonderful and complete and detailed and awesomeawesomeawesome (!!!) so yeah, this podfic is really good news :D

also. I don't think I've thanked you for writing this story. But I am doing it now. THANK YOU- I doubt I'll find something that triggers me into translating fanfiction into my mother language (Portuguese) especially for college! <3
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