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The Fall and Rise of The Black Parade 
14th-Jun-2008 03:47 pm
black parade: the five of us are dying
The Fall and Rise of The Black Parade
Band(s): My Chemical Romance
Pairing(s): Frank/Gerard, Ray/Mikey
Word Count: ~53,000
Rating/Warnings: R (language, violence, sexuality, discussion of drug use). Deals throughout with death and related topics, including violent death, cancer, depression, and suicide. Character death on a pretty big scale.
Author Notes: I'd been toying with thoughts of a Black Parade AU since I first got into bandom, and then big bang came along and I figured, what better excuse to write something epic and massive? So, uh, here it is, and I apologize in advance for just how massive it ended up. The Black Parade concept and all songs from the album referenced herein are 100% MCR's, and this story is 110% fictional and just me riffing off of Gerard Way's crazy genius. Thanks to fragilistikal for betaing, and to everyone on my friends list who put up with my flailing and gave me encouragement and reassurances when I needed them. I hope you guys like it. <3
Summary: “I used to think this was Hell. I mean, I always figured that’s where I was headed, if there was any afterlife. And then when I got here…there were no lakes of fire, or anything, but I was stuck on my own in a place where nothing grows or changes, so I figured, okay, Hell’s just a little different than I always thought it would be. But then, after a while…it wasn’t so bad. I found a place where I could kind of belong, and I met Toro and Brian and Bob and Mikey…and you. And I figure…if I was in Hell, falling in love shouldn’t really be in the cards, should it?

So after that, I started thinking—okay, maybe this place isn’t anything I ever heard about in school or church. But then again, maybe it is. Maybe this is Purgatory. And I always had the idea that Purgatory was kind of like prison, y’know, you gotta serve your sentence and the only thing that’s gonna get you out quicker is good behavior or having friends in high places. But maybe—maybe you don’t have to just sit around waiting for someone to tell you your sentence is up. Maybe Purgatory ends when you get yourself out of it.”

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
Part Seven
Part Eight
Part Nine
Part Ten

(...SO SORRY. Anyone who wants a cookie just for making it through the whole thing, let me know.)

Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content
Fanart: Cover Art by clayeer

Fanmix(es): Our Broken City by sweetnovicane
18th-Jun-2008 11:51 am (UTC)
I don't know anything about bandslash/bandom, to be honest, but I read this yesterday on misspamela's recommendation, and wow it's good. Thanks!
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