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31st-Dec-2020 12:08 pm - Podfic Policy
Since I've now had a couple of people express interest in podficcing my stuff, I figure I should just come up with a public policy for that instead of dealing with it case-by-case. So!

My policy...is a little convoluted, because while I am sincerely flattered and pleased that anyone would want to record or listen to podfic of something I wrote, I...probably won't listen to it myself? See, I have weird embarrassment issues with watching video or audio recordings of myself, having something I wrote read aloud, being in the same room with someone while I know they are reading something I wrote, etc., to the point where I avoid doing all those things as much as I can. And I wasn't sure about this until it actually became an issue, but...yep, turns out that does extend to listening to someone read my fic.

But! I really really don't think my weird personal issues should stop people who enjoy podfic from enjoying it. Seriously, if you want to record a fic of mine, you absolutely have my blessing. I just hope it won't bother or upset you if I don't listen to it, and I want to establish at the outset that I'm probably not going to so you're not wondering why I never commented on it.

So! If, given that, you still want to podfic my stuff, here is the rest of my policy:

1. This is blanket permission to podfic anything I've posted here, so you don't need to ask me, although if you want to give me a heads-up that you're doing it, that's fine!

2. Link to the original fic post when you post your podfic.

3. Please don't edit or change the story at all (unless it's in the case of, like, a typo that slipped through the beta process, in which case please DO record it correctly /o\).

4. Please don't link, email, give or in any other way directly expose podfic of my stories to the people who are in them. This also goes for the fics themselves, by the way. I hope I don't need to tell anyone this but I get paranoid like that sometimes.

5. Link me to the finished product and I will gladly post about it here!

...I think that's it. Let me know if you have a question about something I haven't addressed here. Otherwise, go forth and podfic!
25th-Aug-2013 02:21 pm - Lead Me Home: Masterpost
Title: Lead Me Home
Author: [personal profile] jezrana

Band(s): My Chemical Romance

Pairing(s): Frank.Gerard, Gerard/Grant Morrison, Frank/Gerard/Grant Morrison

Word Count: 33580

Rating: Explicit

Warning(s): amnesia, kidnapping, violence

When Grant finds an unconscious young man on the edge of his country estate, he takes him in and nurses him through the fever that develops, only to find when the fever breaks that his guest has completely lost his memories. With only a first name--Gerard--and evidence that he's escaped from some sort of danger, Grant and Gerard begin a search for his identity, all the while finding themselves drawn closer to each other. When they make contact with Gerard's family--including his father's ward, a young man named Frank--their situation becomes even more complicated.

At AO3

Inspired Works


Three pieces by [personal profile] ktc


Mix by [personal profile] fleurdeliser

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25th-Aug-2013 02:20 pm - BBB 2013: Art
Three art pieces for this story were created by [personal profile] ktc.

Art!Collapse )

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25th-Aug-2013 02:18 pm - BBB 2013: Mix
The mix for this story was made by [personal profile] fleurdeliser. Links and tracklisting under the cut.

FanmixCollapse )

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10th-Jul-2012 12:12 am - A Crack in the Sky: Masterpost
Title: A Crack in the Sky

Author: jezrana

Band(s): My Chemical Romance (cameos by various members of other bands and comic book authors/artists)

Pairing(s): Frank/Gerard/Grant Morrison, background Mikey/Alicia

Word Count: 54,784

Rating: R

Warning(s): violence, self-harm, discussion of suicide, mentions of drug use and addiction problems, dubcon, demonic possession and horror themes

After discovering his psychic ability--and talent for communicating with ghosts--at a young age, Gerard threw himself into the study of the supernatural. With the help of his mentor, his brother, and his friends, he'd begun making a name for himself as a paranormal investigator. Then his team took a case that sent them reeling and threatened to break them apart when they needed each other most. A year later, still haunted by the past, the team's latest case takes a dangerous turn, and they'll have to fight to make it through with their lives--and souls--intact.

Author's Notes: This is a story I have wanted to write since 2008, though it's evolved a lot since then, and tried and failed to write in 2009. It would probably still be languishing in my WIP folder if it wasn't for tuesdaysgone. From the moment I said I was thinking of trying to write it again she encouraged me and helped me talk myself into it. And then she beta'd it, too, because she's just that awesome. Huge thanks to her, my artist and mixer, and the BBB mods!

Disclaimer: This story is incredibly fictional. Don't google yourself. Certain liberties have been taken with the history and geography of the Paramour.

On DW: Part One, Epilogue or AO3

Bonus Materials

One Piece by starlightstorm

all of the ghouls come out to play by ohnoktcsk
15th-Mar-2012 01:56 pm - Fic--Measured Against the Regrets
Title: Measured Against the Regrets
Bands/Pairings: My Chemical Romance, Frank/Gerard
Rating: R
Word count: 18,735
Warnings: Mentions of drug and alcohol abuse

Summary: AU where the band never happened and Gerard quit his job at Cartoon Network to paint instead. After hitting rock bottom and going to rehab, he's back at home, struggling with a vicious creative block and trying to figure out his next move. When he reconnects with Frank at a Leathermouth show, the attraction is instant. Frank inspires Gerard more than anyone or anything has in a long time, but it's up to Gerard to turn that inspiration into a second chance.

Author notes: Written for the bandomreversebb challenge, inspired by this amazing mix by spuzz. The mix was great to work with--it inspired me right away, and I hope the fic does it justice! Many thanks to anoneknewmoose and tuesdaysgone for their awesome and speedy betas.

(Mikey’s been saying he thinks Gerard would be into this band for a while now, but they’ve been playing bars and clubs, places Gerard still doesn’t trust himself and Mikey knows better than to invite him.)
23rd-Jan-2012 01:05 am - Podfic alert!
black parade: the five of us are dying
I meant to post this earlier and then it got away from me (had kind of a crazy weekend), so I'm doing it now before I can forget again.

[personal profile] argentumlupine has recorded a podfic of The Fall and Rise of the Black Parade. I am SO pleased by this--that story is still the biggest thing I've done in terms of writing, fic or otherwise, and it makes me so happy that people are still discovering and enjoying it, and now there's a new way for people to experience it. Thank you so much, [personal profile] argentumlupine!

This entry was originally posted at http://wordslinging.dreamwidth.org/21590.html.
20th-Nov-2011 02:06 pm(no subject)
Title: All the While You Hold the Key
Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Rating: R
Summary: Frank is in an arranged marriage and/or a mail-order bride type position (with Gerard), and is... secretly sick and hiding it! (10.573 words)
Warnings: none
Notes: Written for the yobrothatssick challenge. If the fact that it's about an arranged marriage between men didn't tip you off, this historical AU is not particularly concerned with historical accuracy. In particular my 19th-century medicine is pretty sketchy. >.> Fictional representations of real people, not real, etc. Many thanks to tuesdaysgone for looking it over for me!

Frank’s betrothed was not a stranger to him when they married, but he wasn’t much more than that, either.Collapse )
16th-Nov-2011 08:48 am - Podfic!
desert_neon has recorded a podfic of A Lovely Apparition, which is the first podfic I've have made of one of my stories. I am looking forward to listening when I can (when I am no longer buried under a huge mound of stuff), but even without listening I am hugely excited and flattered. \o/ Check it out!
20th-Jun-2011 02:18 pm - On the Getaway Mile: Master Post
Title: On the Getaway Mile
Author: jezrana
Band(s): My Chemical Romance
Pairing(s): Frank/Gerard, Gerard/Grant Morrison
Word Count: 40,072
Rating: R (for sexual content, violence, and language)
Warnings: Violence, homophobia, consent issues (prostitution, sexually threatening situations, and noncon groping)

Notes: Sequel to Shook-Up World, which should probably be read first. Apparently, "period pieces where Gerard crossdresses" is a niche I am very comfortable in. Standard disclaimers apply: these representations of real people are entirely fictional and nonprofit, I've tried to make sure there are no glaring inaccuracies but the bulk of my research was Wikipedia and gangster movies. I do want to mention my main form of research that was neither of those things, the documentary Before Stonewall, which is well worth a viewing if queer history is relevant to your interests. Many thanks to my awesome betas, fleurdeliser, ciel_vert, and mistresscurvy.

Summary: It's the last year of Prohibition, and bootlegger Frank Iero wants to sever his ties to the world of organized crime and go straight, but his mob connections have other plans for him. No one would like to see Frank get away from the mob more than Gerard, but he's got problems of his own--like the fact that he's a cross-dressing cabaret singer constantly struggling to keep his true identity secret from those who can't be trusted. With the help of a devoted brother, a detective who just might be as trustworthy as he claims, and a wealthy, eccentric Scotsman who features prominently in Gerard's past, Frank and Gerard just might be able to get out and start a new life together, but it's not going to be easy. A tale of gangsters, garter belts, love (hopefully) overcoming all obstacles, and a whole lot of coffee.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content

Gerard drags himself out of bed, finds his kimono and heads out to the kitchen. Two cups of coffee and a cigarette later, he's feeling vaguely human. by calamitycalls

Fanmix by yarp_narp
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